Welcome to Acti-Chem SA

Update on Covid-19

The well-being of our employees and their families is a top priority at Acti-Chem. To that end we are actively taking steps to ensure our sites remain a safe and healthy work environment for our teams across the globe.
We manufacture speciality chemicals that are key actives in the manufacture of disinfection products used in the fight against the spread of Covid-19. Our teams are working hard to keep production going so that we can continue to play a key part in beating this crisis.
We are committed to supporting our customers as best we can and are actively monitoring the changing situations across all of our operations. As these situations evolve we are constantly adapting our response.
You have our commitment that we will not seek to exploit this crisis and will work tirelessly to continue to support our employees, customers and community.


Acti-Chem’s roots in South Africa were firmly entrenched 40 years ago, providing innovative and technologically advanced chemicals to local industries and customers abroad. Often unseen by their users, Acti-Chem products can be found in a variety of industries from newspapers to cosmetics, from building and construction to high fashion.

Acti-Chem’s ACTICIDE® biocides provide safe and effective protection against the microbiological spoilage of a wide variety of products.

Flame Retardants

Acti-Chem is an established name in the development and production of AFLAMMIT® environmentally acceptable flame retardant products.

Personal Care Products

The Microcare® range includes high purity preservatives and emollients, globally approved quat and amine conditioning products and silicones for skin and hair care.